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An Easy Guide Towards Learning The 4 Basic Ping Pong Tennis Strokes



To ace the game, you must learn the rules and skills that you need to possess. Not every person is born the same, some take time to learn, and some grasp fast. You need to have so many skills when you are playing table tennis/ ping pong.

The first thing you need is knowledge about the sport. If you don't know anything about it, you won't play it at all. It takes some interest to ace the game. If you are interested, then you only need to work up your skills.

The primary skills you need to play table tennis are stance and the ability to hold it properly. Your arms, upper body, knees, and feet must be in the stance if you want to be able to strike the ball at a time. The key to moving fast is not to keep the body rigid at all

Here are four basic strokes of table tennis that you need to learn:


Forehand drive:

This is the primary stroke that you need to learn. It can help you land the ball at the baseline or sideline of the opponent's court. In forehand drive, you rotate your body, and then you can strike the ball with power. At this time, your weight will be transferred to your back foot, and move your arm straight back. When the ball hits your side of the table, shift the weight forward and hit the ball when it is at its peak. For Any Information You Can Always Visit The Ping Pong Beast #1 Destination For All Your Queries .


Backhand drive:


This drive is like the mirror image of a forehand drive. To deliver this drive, you need to stand by keeping yourself in the path straight with your torso instead of reaching the ball with your arm. Your waist is bent forward and moves the arm by which you hold the paddle and hit the ball.


Backhand push:


This will help you return the short balls, and the opponent will not be able to attack in return. The position of the body should be as same as the backhand drive. So you have to stand with your torso in front and don't reach for the ball with your arm. Use your arm and move it fast while striking the ball. The ball will be smacked towards the table, and it will make it spin multiple times.


Forehand push:


This stroke is also used to return short balls and prevent the attacker's shots. You have to stand by keeping your dominant foot at the back and the other one slightly ahead. It will give you a great stance, and you will be able to strike at the ball instantly. In this, you have to rotate your wrist in a way that creates a range of motion.


To conclude,


It is not that hard to learn to play ping pong. You can get better if you have the determination and interest. One has to practice the sport if they are willing to get better at it. There are so many skills, so you can't do that in one day. Give it time and practice; you will become a pro quickly.